Pro Membership

Maintenance Detailing

A little bit of maintenance can go a long way towards preserving the beauty and integrity of your vehicle. If your car is brand new or has recently had a comprehensive detail by Pro Touch, there is no better time to start a car detailing maintenance program. Regular maintenance will keep your car in like-new condition and help retain its value. While we always look for ways to continually improve the condition of any car that we maintain on a regular basis, these programs are designed to maintain a cars current condition, rather than improve it. If you are unhappy with the current condition of your car, then traditional detailing services is where you need to start, and you can visit our services page for information and pricing.


Becoming a Member 

Our membership includes one comprehensive exterior and interior service per month. Each visit, your car is washed, waxed, and completely detailed from trunk to engine, inside and out. Fall-out removal will also be included in this service to keep your paint smooth and pollution free (Remember, a regular car wash will not remove "road film" that may consist of oils, transmission fluid, brake fluid, road paint, tar and other harmful chemicals). As a Pro Member, you'll also receive an extra 15% off all services.


When it's time to sell, you'll see friends and family line up to get their hands on YOUR car - the one they could plainly see had been professionally cared for over the course of its life.

   Key Benefits: 

  • Complete exterior and interior details

  • Beauty and value maintained 

  • Higher resale value

  • Faster resale time

Just $99 /mo.


$119 /mo.

Large Cars/Suvs

$129 /mo.


Payments and Scheduling 

A minimum of 6 months membership is required to qualify. Membership dues are automatically deducted from a credit or debit card of your choice. Payments are processed on the first Monday of each month until membership expires. Written notice is required at least 7 days in advance to avoid being charged for the following month. All early membership terminations will result in a $150 early termination fee.