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R I D E  C L E A N  A L L  y e a r  R O U N D  


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A Winning Strategy

We get it...your time is valuable! You want to maintain the cleanliness and value of your vehicle with as little interruption to your schedule as possible. Our monthly maintenance subscription service will keep your vehicle looking it's best all year round! Simply choose a package that suits your needs and book an appointment online via our mobile app when it's time for a detail. If you like to plan ahead, you can also book your appointments in advance and let us take care of the rest. You can choose an interior detailing package, exterior detailing package, or both. Whatever makes sense for YOU and YOUR vehicle!


Interior Maintenance



As low as $99/Month

As low as $59/Month

As low as $59/Month


Choose Your Plan 


Perform Initial Reset​


Rebook as Needed

Decide which plan works best for you. Starting prices are for coupes and sedans only. Larger vehicles will increase cost. Schedule your initial appointment online or by phone. 

First Visit & Vehicle Analysis.

20% OFF all services required to reach "Showroom" condition and achieve a blank slate. New vehicles will begin at maintenance cost.

Enjoy a clean car and reschedule whenever makes sense for you. Upgrade your plan or add a vehicle whenever you'd like. Take advantage of discounts and special offers. 


No two detailers will ever use the exact same products and techniques. However, when it comes to maintenance detailing, there is no room for debate. Regular maintenance detailing is simply the best way to care for your car. We selected the perfect combination of paint coating and interior conditioning to give you a year-round protected vehicle.

Ideally, the recipe for success lies in having your vehicle detailed as normal (or doing what we call an initial "reset") and then performing a maintenance detail before it reaches week 8. Anything passed 8-to-12 weeks without care and you will fall into the domain of a regular detail, which will inevitably require more time per visit and greater expense.


Sports Car
Sports Car in Storm


Mileage, weather, pets, storage, owner habits and other variables will determine how often detailing is required. Every vehicle and driver is different. However, through experience we've learned that once a month just so happens to be the magic number for most people.


However, for those with an especially keen eye for dust, crumbs, and dirt and an equally low tolerance for those very same things... detailing as often as once a week may not be a bad idea. It all depends on the vehicle and the driver. Keep in mind, we can always work out a custom price and detailing schedule that will fit your needs.  

What's Your Frequency?

**All monthly subscription charges must be automatically deducted from a debit or credit card at the first of each month. Subscriptions are for one full year or ten (10) visits, whichever comes first. Limit one (1) maintenance visit per month. We will be closed January and February starting 2021. All monthly charges will be suspended during this time. Subscriptions and automatic payments will re-continue in March. Early terminations will result in a cancellation fee equal to one (1) months service, after all outstanding service balances have been accounted and payed for. 



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