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Mobile detailing is the fastest, most convenient way to care for your car. Schedule a time for a Pro Touch Expert to visit your home and get back on the road quickly, without having to drop off your vehicle at a garage or sit in a waiting room for hours. We abide by all CDC guidelines and our processes are optimized to eliminate potentially harmful pathogens, including COVID-19. We use up to 90% less water than your local car wash and favor products that are biodegradable to protect your driveway, your lawn, and the environment. We proudly serve Allentown, PA and surrounding areas within a one-hour radius. 

The Art Of detailing
Cars aren't just a means of travel. They are works of art. They are decades of engineering and design. And perhaps most importantly, they are investments. Auto detailing is the art and science of protecting your investment while making it look the best it possibly can - within a given amount of time. This might be done to restore the value and beauty of a car or it can be part of ongoing maintenance to prevent corrosion and aging. There are no "official" regulations on how to properly care for a vehicle and no two detailers will ever use the same products or methods. Customers trust Pro Touch because we use the most reliable systems and training specifically catered to working outdoors, in direct sunlight, and in other less-than-ideal environments.

creating the new standard
We believe every car owner should be able to experience the luxury and practicality of auto detailing with minimal disruption to his or her day. Our mission is to provide helpful, sensible solutions for the "everyday driver" that can be completed just outside your door. Many believe that taking their vehicle through a car wash will protect their investment, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you're someone that places a high value on your time and are looking to maintain the value and beauty of your vehicle please do not hesitate to book an appointment online. We strive to create a convenient and seamless customer service experience. 


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