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Pro Touch Mobile Car Wash

Get The Job Done -- Without Leaving Home

Mobile detailing is the fastest most convenient way to care for your car. Many believe that taking their vehicle through a car wash will protect their investment, but nothing could be further from the truth. Detailing your vehicle is the only way to keep your car safe from the elements and harmful chemicals that other vehicles leave on the road. Scheduling a day for a Pro Touch Expert to visit your home will get you back on the road quickly, without having to leave your car at a garage or sit in a waiting room for hours. We abide by all CDC guidelines and our processes are optimized to eliminate potentially harmful pathogens, including COVID-19. Whenever possible, we use products that are biodegradable to protect your driveway, your lawn and the environment. 

The Art Of Detailing 

Auto Detailing is the art and science of protecting your car while making it look the best it possibly can within a given amount of time. This might be done to restore a cars value and beauty or it can be part of ongoing maintenance to prevent corrosion and aging. There are literally thousands of different vehicle makes and models, offering up a staggering variety of materials and surfaces that must all be taken into account when performing even the simplest general maintenance. As such, results will always vary. But universally, ALL detailers should pledge to "do no harm". Unfortunately, some detailers are simply not educated on how to properly care for your investment. Many times, we arrive only to correct or solve a problem created by another inexperienced detailer.

Creating The New Standard 

The standards and levels of detailing are endless. There are no "official" regulations on how to detail a vehicle and no two detailers will ever use the same exact methods and products. This only adds to the confusion when trying to decide which detailer is best for you. Our customers trust Pro Touch because we use only the most reliable systems and training specifically catered to detailing outside, in direct sunlight, and other less-than-ideal environments; without sacrificing results. Our goal is to deliver consistency, every time. 

Your health, your family, your home, your car.


The majority of Americans are working to support these 4 very important things. And although we can all agree that the car will always come 4th on that list, we also know that most of us don't care for our car's the way we probably should. After all, your car's exterior and interior appearance accounts for about 30% of its resale value. We highly recommend having your car detailed at least one or two times a year. Otherwise, you'll spend much more to detail it for resale. You may have to watch the new owner drive off with what used to be your car -- looking better than it ever did when YOU had it. Regular detailing is the best way to care for your investment. This way, you can enjoy the beauty and luxury of a clean car and get a better return when it's time to sell. A little maintenance goes a long way! 

The Difference is in the Details 

If your car seems dirty (your spouse thinks it's dirty, your neighbor thinks it's dirty, everyone agrees it is dirty) and you have suddenly come to the awareness yourself that, indeed, your car is dirty -- then imagine it extremely clean; just like the day you bought it! From making your paint feel silky smooth and shiny, to everything in your cars interior being cleaned and detailed; seating, carpeting, floor mats, threshold plates, vents, gauges, dash, cubby holes, and more --We can make your car look showroom fresh once again!

Professional Car Detailing in the Lehigh Valley 

Pro Touch proudly serves the Lehigh Valley in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and surrounding areas. We provide mobile car detailing services in a way that not only interrupts your life as little as possible, but is built on the following key points:

  • Superior Products.

  • Superior techniques.

  • Superior results.

  • Excellent Customer Service 

Our mission is to provide convenient, sensible solutions for the average car owner while still being able to satisfy the needs of the more discerning car care enthusiast. There are no secrets when it comes to detailing cars. Only trusted methods and techniques that must be implemented to be effective...not to mention lot's of time and effort. Learning how to care for your vehicle the right way is invaluable, whether you choose to hire a professional or not. You can learn more here.

If you're someone that places a high value on your time and are looking to maintain the value and beauty of your vehicle please do not hesitate to book an appointment online here. We are ALWAYS on the road. The best way to contact us is via email: