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We Come To You

Pro Touch is a fully mobile auto detailing service. We bring everything required to detail your vehicle at your home or place of business. We proudly serve Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton and surrounding areas.  

Swipe And Go

No cash? No Problem. Get your car looking great and get going, without having to run to an ATM. Pro Touch accepts these major credit cards for your convenience through "Square", a well known and trusted credit card system. 

Fully Insured

We're serious about caring for your vehicle. That's why we're ready to show proof of insurance at any point during your service. Whether we're providing valet service or working in your driveway, you can rest assured -- Your car is always safe with us. 

Your local drive-through car wash carries dirt and debris that will scratch your paint's clear coat leaving behind swirls and lines that are easily visible in direct sunlight. PRO TOUCH uses only the most gentle micro-fiber cloths to help prolong the life of your paint. Learn More.

Extras On Deck

Need a little more TLC? Mix and match additional services to bring your vehicle's appearance to the next level. Take advantage of PRO TOUCH paint correction, deep interior cleanings, leather conditioning, engine bay detailing and more. We can create packages to suit your unique situation. 

"Greener" is Better

 We are NOT a waterless service. However, as a commitment to our customers and the environment, we strive to minimize water waste and use eco-friendly products when possible --  without sacrificing the integrity of our customer's cherished automobiles. 

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